Bharad KazarakEdit

Kingdom of the Dwarves, a mighty city-state located in the Ironspine Mountains.


A small city-state located on the crossroads of the Brinn River and a major trade road to Bharad Kazarak. The hometown of most of our heroes.

Rhye (City)Edit

The largest city on the peninsula of Rhye, former capital of the Empire of Rhye. A sprawling, bustling, major metropolis and important deep water harbor.

Rhye (Peninsula)Edit

The landmass where our adventures have taken place.

Talon PassEdit

A once important mountain fortress, long since abandonded.

The WorldEdit

The home world of our characters.


A small city-state located halfway between Brindol and Rhye on the Brinn River. Currently run by the Yellow Crescent Clan, a clan of hobgoblins.

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